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Todd is always great to work with! He was always supportive and understanding, which goes a long way when working on collaborative projects. Todd always had fresh new ideas, and he always fought for his vision. Never afraid to get his hand dirty, I would always see Todd working hard at events and helping everyone that was involved on every level. His effort of engagement and leadership was truly inspiring.

Todd is one of the most hard-working executives I know in the communications business. He always has creative ideas and is amazing at executing on big ideas. He has developed an event program for Entercom from the ground up in the past two years with several successful and profitable events. And he’s just a fun guy to work with and always eager to hear creative ideas. He’d be a tremendous asset to any marketing team and I look forward to working with him again.

Todd is an energetic individual who excels at creating unique revenue streams, and marrying clients with fitting opportunities. His positive attitude, and team-friendly approach, make him a good guy to have on your side.

I have worked with Todd over the last several years, and found him to be a very smart, strategic marketing expert, with an unending supply of energy and passion that he puts into his work. He is also savvy at producing events and pulled off several big ones during the time we worked together.

Todd brings enthusiasm to every project and it’s positively contagious. I worked alongside and in partnership with him for several years most notably with major clients in the Reno Tahoe region. His keen relationship building skills were evident at every turn and paid dividends in the form of competitive share of business. Todd has also diversified his skill set in a rapidly changing media landscape to include online digital platforms and loyalty database marketing.

Todd has the ability to make a complex issue easy to understand, and the bigger the audience the better his presentation is.
I worked with Todd for about 3 years and was constantly amazed by his ability to explain digital media to audiences of small business owners.
Todd is on my permanent re-hire list should he ever need a change.

Todd, is a real value asset as a Manager. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and dig in on strategy or tactical process. Todd is a great mentor and motivator and I found Todd to be a huge positive influence with me and my customers. I would work for Todd anytime.

Todd has an amazing facility with clients and partners. His ability to manage relationships up and down the organizational ladder has made him an indispensable leader in our sales organization. His communications skills can often boil down a complex technical discussion into concrete business terms and his relationship management talents help our clients to view us as a partner, not just another vendor.

Todd is a tenacious and capable sales leader who gets the job done. From sales to management to operations, he is quick to identify issues and recommend quality solutions. In short, he’s one of those guys who does whatever it takes to get his company ahead and does so with a smile on his face! I recommend Todd without hesitation.

Todd is a very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and professional consultant during his sales launch at out site. I recommend him for any sales need.

Todd has been one of the most significant success factors at Matchbin over the past 18 months. He has carried the sales effort to an entirely new level and overcome significant organizational challenges along the way. Todd’s constantly positive attitude is infectious and adds a dimension to the team that is sorely needed. It’s been a pleasure working with him!

Todd is an excellent sales professional with a very enthusiastic approach to digital sales. He has extremely good interpersonal skills and knows how to manage a team well. I have enjoyed working with Todd and would recommend him for any digital sales position.

Todd’s company, Matchbin, has partnered with my company, CNHI, for many digital products that we now offer. He was truly willing to help me learn the products and offered me guidance in delivering the message regarding these products. Since he was in Enid, he has helped me get through that processes in an effort to help my clients more efficiently. Todd knows SEO and has a great way of teaching it.

Todd has helped launch Matchbin in six different locations. Todd’s knowledge and the quality of the Matchbin product has produced great results in a wide range of market types and sizes. I have researched a number of SEO products and services. The combination of Todd’s abilities to teach and sell the product along with the value of Matchbin itself is a winning combination.

Todd is an excellent Regional Sales Director. He develops strong relationships with his customers and makes sure they are delighted with the quality and performance of the Matchbin products/software he sales them. He develops very strong relationships with all departments in the company and provides positive feedback on each team’s performance.

Todd is a marketing professional that exhibits “out of the box” activation. He’s a leader with charisma, creative ideas, and the business acumen to spearhead any strategic campaign for his clients. Working with him daily has helped me value his management style and I look forward to working on more corporate projects with him in the future.

Todd was one of the most impressive Account Executives I have worked with in my career in radio advertising. Todd’s ability to create client-focused multimedia campaigns that actually deliver tangible results is uncanny. If I was a client putting together a targeted advertising campaign, I would be excited to have an asset like Todd on my team!

Todd is an amazing person and if I had to fight a war I would want him on my side! He is extremely talented and versatile in his field. Todd always had a can do attitude and went above and beyond his contracted service. I would highly recommend Todd to any business.

Todd’s relationship-building and follow-through are his largest assets. I would recommend Todd to anyone that required a genuine interest in their company goals from a promotional partner, with an ability to fulfill obligations on time to complete satisfaction.

Todd is an outstanding creative thinker and doer. He could be relied upon to break down complex ideas and make them accessible to both current and prospective clients. He establishes and maintains strong personal relationships in business by assessing needs and seeking innovative solutions.

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